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Whitepaper of POPXChain



POPXChain is a blockchain focused on creating and supporting useful and interesting projects for society. Many applications want to operate on a platform that offers fast, free, or anonymous transactions. POPXChain selects such projects and provides them with this opportunity, additionally rewarding these projects with its coins from the DAO rewards pool.


POPX Coin is the native coin of the POPXChain blockchain. All operations within applications built on POPXChain involve this coin. The same applies to transaction fees, both for projects and users of these projects.


POPXWallet is a wallet for projects based on POPXChain. It is a widget that can be easily connected to any Web3 application. Developers don't need to spend time creating standard interfaces and methods such as onboarding, authorization, depositing funds, withdrawing funds, transaction history, and sending funds. Developers can focus exclusively on the business logic of their applications, saving a significant amount of time and resources when creating new products.

POPX Smart

POPX Smart is a set of infrastructure smart contracts that generalize some entities across all projects. Standardized approaches to simple and useful functions allow all projects based on the new blockchain to interact with each other. This expands the user base, simplifies many problematic issues, and creates a unified ecosystem with great potential. The list of these smart contracts will expand as the project develops.

At the moment, various bonuses are provided for users of applications based on the POPXChain blockchain. Calculations and distribution of bonus program funds are carried out automatically by smart contracts that have undergone professional audits. Decisions affecting the future of POPXChain will be made based on decentralized voting.

Technological Features of the POPXChain Blockchain

  • Anonymous transactions as one of the possible options for transferring crypto assets

  • Fast transactions: Transaction execution speed does not exceed 3 seconds

  • Free transactions for approved decentralized government smart contract list

  • Proof-of-Authority consensus protocol

  • Controlled decentralization: Decentralized government decides on connecting new signing nodes

  • Controlled deployment: Decentralized government decides on launching new projects on POPXChain

  • EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible virtual machine

POPXChain Infrastructure

Unlike the traditional approach where any interested party can launch a signing node for the blockchain, POPXChain focuses on security and minimizing possible attacks on its infrastructure. All blockchain nodes interact with each other in a private network, inaccessible from the outside. External IP addresses of nodes are unknown. This way, the functionality and security of the entire network are implemented at the highest level of privacy and safety. POPXChain is a closed club of nodes. Those who want to create their own node can contact us.


A smart contract that allows all POPXChain projects to store and exchange data of any type. Examples of stored data can include exchange rates, contract start dates, multi-signature signed documents, etc.

IDNFT - Non-Fungible ID Token

Every user of any application, when creating a wallet and registering in POPXWallet, receives a unique NFT user token (IDNFT), the data of which can only be managed by the user and no one else. This approach allows storing any information about the user in each user's token with guaranteed distributed access.

xNFT - eXtended Non-Fungible Token

A new type of tokens compatible with ERC1155 standard tokens but with extended capabilities. These tokens are linked to any widely known entities, events, objects, and individuals, have graphical representation, description, and structured tags.

xNFTs can be linked to IDNFTs with multiple connections using additional smart contracts. For example, one xNFT of an author's book can belong to one IDNFT of its author, or one xNFT of a company can belong to multiple co-owners in specific proportions.

Launching Applications on POPXChain

We invite projects that want to grow and benefit people without worrying about transaction costs and dependency on volatile alpha-coins. POPXChain is a private club of projects. Those wishing to launch their project on the new network can contact us.


In the near future, the POPXChain team and partners will launch new features and dApps that address the following tasks: anonymization of transactions, launching personal tokens, launching wrapped coins, launching stablecoins, Blockchain ID, encrypted messaging in the browser, Blockchain KYC, biometric identification, smart-contracting between users, secure storage of personal information and files, secure messenger and email, and digital inheritance. We reserve the right to change the launch sequence of applications.

POPXChain Tokenomics

POPX is a utility cryptocurrency that supports the ecosystem on the POPXChain blockchain. The maximum supply is limited to 1 billion units.

Monosnap POPX WP 2023-04-13 01-07-10.png
Monosnap POPX WP 2023-04-13 01-03-40.png

At the moment, we are conducting a private & public sale. If you'd like more information or are interested in becoming an investor in the project, please feel free to reach out to us.

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